Close the gender gap before Web3 becomes male-dominated.


A gender gap is also occurring in the web3 world. The percentage of women owning crypto assets is only about "20%". Once a stereotype is created, it is difficult to dispel that image. However, the stereotype of "Web3 = male" is becoming a reality.

What we do?

Creators Studio is a group of web3 creators made up of women and gender minorities. We know that only action changes the world! We aim to be role models by having fun, taking on new challenges, and creating technologies to get more people interested in the web3 world. We make the web3 world a more diverse and inclusive place.

Actions speak louder than words.

We wanna be role models for women and gender minority creators in the web3. At first, we were trying to support women and gender minority creators and create a more diverse place where collaboration happens. But we realized that we need to increase the number of people interested in web3. We believe that people will be more interested when they see people enjoying the creation! So we'll increase the number of people interested in web3 as much as possible by sharing our ideas, enjoying developing products, and sharing our knowledge.



How many subscriptions are you currently signed up for? SubsCrypt allows you to pay for all your subscriptions with ETH💰 The future of subscriptions is right here 🌍

Shiritori NFT

"SHIRITORI" is a word chain game in Japan. SHIRITORI NFT chain "your word" and world using blockchain. This is a project that connects you to the world through the blockchain!. These NFTs are generated from the previous word and the word you connected. The left-hand accessory is generated from the previous Shiritori word. The right-hand accessory is generated from your word. is the podcast from Rihoyan, a graduate student at an art college in New York, and Risakyan, a full-time remote engineer in Tokyo. The two engineers talk about what's hot in tech and their daily lives in Japan and the U.S

GalTuber Amila

She is a Amila who is a GalTuber(Vtuber of Galvarse project) community!! She share her friend's work 💙

Cider x WonderPals Collaboration

The CiderPals are a cast of twelve cute WonderPals that are inspired by the mood-driven design aesthetics of the Cider brand. The CiderPals are inspired by Cider’s collection lines, with each CiderPal drawn with actual pieces from the collection they represent! Riho developed smart contract about CiderPals.


Naminori is a social crowdfunding tool where you find and follow what projects credible influencers are supporting, so you will never miss the next hot project to be part of in web3. We developed frontend(Next.js), backend(Express.js), smart contract.


BlockMill is the account book for blockchain! You can easily check the total spend on crypto currencies you have used by entering your wallet address.


One of the team members is helping a web3 project called KOTOVERSE. KOTOVERSE is a place for creating novels, including fan-fictions. You can use NFT characters & illustrations made by artists.

Stay tuned!

  • I don't know detail about web3, but I want to try it!
  • I wanna be creative in Web3
  • I want to get knowledges about Web3

Let's talk and create together now!


We are looking for designer and marketing lead to create products with us!
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